Property Management Services

Bahama Islands Realty is happy to announce that two of their agents, Kim Aranha and Lazar Delorenzo Charlton, have ventured into the house management business as a team.

Between the two of them they have a wealth of experience:

  • Day to day running big and small home
  • Dealing with staff issues
  • Hiring of temporary staff: chefs, baby sitters, secretaries, tutoring
  • Organizing air and boat travel within the Bahamas. (charters, hotels, planes and boats)
  • All animal issues, permits, recommendations, prescriptions etc.
  • Preparing and paying pay rolls and National Insurance
  • Making application to government entities
  • Helping to organize dinner parties and receptions
  • Overseeing large and small maintenance and construction jobs
  • Forwarding your mail as per your instructions
  • Hurricane preparedness
  • Preparing your home for your arrival
  • Closing up your home upon departure
  • Car and golf cart maintenance
  • Boat maintenance
  • Garden maintenance

They are fluent in:

  • English
  • French
  • Italian

And have easy and immediate access to persons who are fluent in:

  • Spanish
  • German

Our fees vary on the degree of house management your personal situation requires.

Both Lazar and Kim are Bahamians with an extensive knowledge of the Bahamas.

They have the experience and are capable of lightening your load and helping you have the time to enjoy your island home. 

Their objective is to put your mind at ease. If you would like to meet with Kim and Lazar please phone or email us and we will be happy to arrange a meeting. Once they know the services you require, a detailed quote will be provided.

We look forward to being of service to you!

Warm regards,

Kim and Lazar

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