Bahama Islands Realty

Our story


In early 2010, Bahama Islands Realty opened its doors with an award-winning and internationally recognized broker, Carmen Massoni, at the helm.
Today, Bahama Islands Realty is a leading real estate brokerage in The Bahamas because we enable our clients to realize their vision for the future. We understand and plan for their concerns and are dedicated to transforming those concerns to peace of mind and joy.

Because the islands of The Bahamas have their own unique personalities, we practice localized real estate. We believe neighborhood knowledge is a top factor in solid sales, and we know our communities well. Our licensed and experienced agents also bring a unique background and personal touch to real estate, helping clients find the perfect investment in the islands of The Bahamas.

When you combine extensive local knowledge and our long-standing reputation for personal attention, seamless service and professionalism, you have an unbeatable resource at your disposal. You have Bahama Island Realty, a leader in The Bahamas real estate market.

Our Mission

Bahama Islands Realty is relentless in the pursuit of its mission — to offer an authentic and seamless real estate experience for buyers and sellers. Our experienced agents bring a foundation of personal attention, seamless service and professionalism that is intentionally designed to yield optimal results for every client.

Our Values

Bahama Islands Realty is a full-service real estate brokerage firm dedicated to the highest standards of excellence, professionalism, trust, integrity and expertise. Our clients are our purpose.

Our Team

Licensed Real Estate Agents trained, dedicated and committed to providing the best quality service. They are deeply knowledgeable, have unique backgrounds, and offer a personal touch to real estate. Meet the team here (link to The Team).

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